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Dosing & Administration

This section of the website provides information for healthcare professionals regarding ELAPRASE (idursulfase) dosage, preparation, administration, and storage.

Storage and Stability

Store ELAPRASE vials in the carton at 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) to protect from light. Do not freeze or shake.

Do not use ELAPRASE after the expiration date on the vial. ELAPRASE does not contain preservatives; therefore, after dilution with saline, the infusion bags should be used immediately. If immediate use is not possible, the diluted solution should be stored refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46 °F) for up to 24 hours.

Other than during infusion, do not store the diluted ELAPRASE solution at room temperature. Any unused product or waste material should be discarded and disposed of in accordance with local requirements.