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Dosing & Administration

This section of the website provides information for healthcare professionals regarding ELAPRASE (idursulfase) dosage, preparation, administration, and storage.

Administration Instructions

Administer the diluted ELAPRASE solution to patients using a low-protein-binding infusion set equipped with a low-protein-binding 0.2 micrometer (μm) in-line filter.

The total volume of infusion should be administered over a period of 3 hours, which may be gradually reduced to 1 hour if no hypersensitivity reactions are observed. Patients may require longer infusion times if hypersensitivity reactions occur; however, infusion times should not exceed 8 hours. The initial infusion rate should be 8 mL per hour for the first 15 minutes. If the infusion is well tolerated, the rate of infusion may be increased by 8 mL per hour increments every 15 minutes. The infusion rate should not exceed 100 mL per hour.

The infusion rate may be slowed, temporarily stopped, or discontinued for that visit in the event of hypersensitivity reactions. See Section 5.1 of the Warnings and Precautions section of the Prescribing Information.

ELAPRASE should not be infused with other products in the infusion tubing.

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