Getting Started on ELAPRASE (idursulfase)

If you and your doctor decide that ELAPRASE is right for you or your child, OnePath® can help you access therapy. Shire and OnePath are committed to providing product support services to patients and their families affected by Hunter syndrome.

Eligible patients who sign up with OnePath will be assigned a Patient Support Manager who will help address questions you may have about access to your therapy.

OnePath Product Support Team

As Shire’s product support program for Hunter syndrome patients and caregivers, the OnePath patient support team is committed to providing personalized, one-on-one services to help you access the support and treatment you need.

Meet the OnePath Hunter Syndrome Support Team:


Alison, OnePath Patient Support Manager (PSM)

OnePath Patient Support Manager (PSM)

When you enroll in OnePath, your dedicated Patient Support Manager (PSM) will be your primary support contact and will help you with many aspects of your treatment. This includes navigating insurance coverage and changes, providing information about financial assistance options, working with your specialty pharmacy, help coordinating infusion services, and connecting you with additional resources.

OnePath Patient Access Manager (PAM)

Your Patient Access Manager (PAM) is located in your area and may help assist you through any potential insurance challenges or coverage issues. Your PAM can serve as a resource for complex reimbursement, financial, or other access-related issues.

OnePath Healthcare Educator (HCE)

Your Healthcare Educator (HCE) is a bilingual support member and can provide you with one-on-one health education. Your HCE can help you understand your condition and treatment as ordered by your physician, and connect you with information on patient resources and OnePath personalized product services.

Learn more about OnePath at www.onepath.com