Getting Started on ELAPRASE (idursulfase)

If you and your doctor decide that ELAPRASE is right for you or your child, OnePath® can help you access therapy. Shire and OnePath are committed to providing product support services to patients and their families affected by Hunter syndrome.

Eligible patients who sign up with OnePath will be assigned a Patient Support Manager who will help address questions you may have about access to your therapy.

The ELAPRASE Mentor Program

Connect with someone dealing with Hunter syndrome and learn about ELAPRASE

Hunter syndrome has its challenges.  Don’t face them alone. Connect soon with a Shire Mentor who will share a real life experience of living with or caring for someone with Hunter syndrome and taking Elaprase.

mentor-pageTo speak to a mentor, first register by
contacting our toll-free number at: 1-844-514-6296

downloadDownload the program flyer